Mario Santo Domingo Foundation
Created in 1953, the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation (FMSD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing community development programs in Colombia. FMSD decided to concentrate its main efforts in the construction of affordable housing within a Community Development Model, named Integral Development of Sustainable Communities (DINCS in its Spanish initials) and designed by the FMSD as a response to the large housing deficit in Colombia. Through this program, the FMSD delivers social support for families, and social infrastructure and urban development for the less privileged. FMSD also supports entrepreneurs in the Northern region of Colombia and in Bogotá through its Microfinance Unit which provides training and financial services such as microcredit. More than 130,000 entrepreneurs have received loans from the Foundation since its launch in 1984. Finally, the FMSD works to identify alliances and synergies between the public and private sectors in critical social development areas such as early childhood, environmental sustainability, disaster attention, education and health.

Bancóldex is the entrepreneurial development bank of Colombia. It is committed to developing financial and non-financial instruments geared to enhance the competitiveness, productivity, growth and internationalization of Colombian enterprises. Leveraging on its unique relational equity and market position, Bancóldex manages financial assets, develops access solutions to financing and deploys innovative capital solutions, to foster and accelerate company growth. Besides offering traditional loans, Bancóldex has been appointed to implement several development program such as iNNpulsa Colombia, iNNpulsa Mipyme, Banca de las Oportunidades, and the Productive Transformation Program, all of them, in an effort to consolidate an integrated offer to promote Colombian business environment and overall competitiveness.